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Expanding our direct sales solutions: new Mirai Contact Centre service

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Your customer universe is omnichannel and increasingly complex. They communicate with your hotel through different channels: web, mobile app, email, telephone, social networks… In order to continue helping you optimise your direct sales and make your distribution more profitable, we’ve acquired Nexia Solutions, a company specialising in contact centre and customer care services.


With more than 15 years’ experience, Nexia have an extensive portfolio of clients in the hotel sector, in both the urban and holiday segments, representing between 10% and 35% of total direct sales, depending on the profile of the hotel. They also manage major e-commerce retail brands.

Nexia helps you define a multichannel strategy and manage your customer contact on your behalf. With our majority acquisition of Nexia, we’ve incorporated their solutions into our portfolio, thereby covering the three main areas of direct sales: online, packaged and multichannel sales.


Which new services are available to me?

Nexia’s customer management solutions have been incorporated into the Mirai catalogue under the name of Mirai Contact Centre, a 360º customised service offering, among others, the following:

  • Technology managed according to your needs
  • Proprietary management methodology to monitor processes and meet customer demand
  • Multilingual customer management: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Catalan, etc.
  • Not only incoming, but also outgoing calls and callbacks
  • Social media customer management

This complements the direct sales services we already offered: web design, booking engine, digital marketing services, metasearch engine connectivity and distribution strategy consultancy. All this while continuing to enjoy Mirai’s support and consultancy services, as well as the flexibility your hotel needs.

How much does Mirai Contact Centre cost?

Each hotel has different customer management needs, so each proposal is tailor-made. We provide both a fixed and a variable model, depending on the characteristics of the hotel, such as average price, type (holiday/urban), average notice period, etc.

When can I start making use of the Mirai Contact Centre service?

It’s already available. Before you start using it, our team will assess your needs and goals in order to determine the most appropriate methodology and processes.

As a Mirai customer, can I work with another call centre company?

Of course. All services offered by Mirai are independent and can be purchased separately. You can be a Mirai client and use another contact centre. You can also make use of our Contact Centre service without having to purchase any other service we offer. However, for greater financial and operational efficiency, we recommend that you consider service unification.

I’m interested in purchasing the Mirai Contact Centre service. What do I need to do?

As always, your account manager will give you all the details and help you explore what our new Mirai Contact Centre solution can do for your hotel.