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Mirai integrates with the Google Room Booking Module

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Google continues to move forward with its products for hotels. In this post we explain how the Room Booking Module works, its benefits, its drawbacks, and how it fits into Google’s positioning strategy in the hotel industry.

Mirai is a Google integration partner for its new RBM, which means that we already have hotels that are working with the platform. Hoteles Center became the first hotel chain in Spain to have all of its hotels activated in the Room Booking Module.


Investing in RBM is an interesting opportunity because it promotes your hotel by acting as a showcase for your hotel photos, helping drive greater direct sales and higher potential profits.

What you have to do

If Mirai manages your online marketing investments, you don’t have to do a thing. Our team already knows all about your property and will decide whether RBM is the right opportunity for you.

  • If your Google investments are based on CPA (payment per booking), it will not cost you a penny more
  • If you use the CPC (cost per click) model, we will assess whether it would be a good idea to test your hotel in RBM to evaluate potential returns

If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact us and we will explain what we think about your particular case.