Data is your best ally


Detailed and visual

Monthly, or under petition, you will receive an updated report about your direct sales performance.

General report

Analysis of the previous month regarding bookings and reservations.

On the books

Analysis of reservations already received for the coming months and comparison with the previous year. This report can be obtained at any time.

Product breakdown

Rooms, rates, regimes and most sold occupations.


Understand what is happening better by getting to know your main markets and the evolution of the main indicators.

Advance, cancellations and pick up of the hosted

When were reservations made, on average, last month? And when were cancellations received?

SEM investments report

Analyse your investment, keywords, the return obtained and how much it means with respect to your income.

Download your data in Excel and manage it

Create your own graphics and reports from the full data of your reservations.

Demand and inventory

Visualise the dates in which your hotel has more or less demand and what inventory is available. Past and future.

Statistics on the extranet

On Mirai’s extranet, you have sales and demand statistics at your disposal to analyse reservations and make decisions about revenue management.