Sales strategy: without it, technology is pointless


Is your revenue increasing but not your profit?

And not only that, as direct sales generate new costs such as online marketing and metasearch engines.

Mirai works together with you to keep expenses at bay. Our aim is to help you to increase your net RevPar, the GopPar.

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Do OTAs and bed banks sell too much for you?

What percentage of sales do they represent?

Did you know that they are going to sell even more of your business?

How far can you compete with your direct sales?

At Mirai we work for your direct sales to successfully compete with OTAs.


Tour operators have adapted to the current customer, have you?

There are still hoteliers who market their hotel in the same way they did decades ago, not taking full advantage of customers who reserve online, who come in low cost flights or without a package.

Many of the customers that arrive through tour operators reserve through the Internet. You can reach them easily.

Things are changing for vacation hotels. Mirai can help you.

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We find the strategy that best suits you

Sales do not just increase with the implementation of technology and design. The most important tool is a sound commercial sales plan.

Increase your profit and obtain more independence

We get involved in results. In fact, we only win if you win.

Pablo Delgado

“When you win, we win”

“We are not simply a technological or design company nor do we just do online marketing.

We provide a comprehensive solution that covers these aspects, but we add the know-how and training to get the most out of them.

Direct sales is not technology. Direct sales is strategy supported by a solid platform. Without a strategy, technology is pointless.”

Pablo Delgado, CEO of Mirai

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