A one-stop dashboard to monitor and optimise your metasearch campaigns


Maximise the profitability of your metasearch campaigns

  • Increase the visibility of your direct channel
  • Improve the ROI of your campaigns
  • Generate more sales for your website


All information and management power on one screen

  • The best control and analysis tool
  • Manage your strategy with precision
  • Centralise the management of the main metasearch engines with Business Intelligence
  • Monitor your bids on Trivago and TripAdvisor
  • Compatible with your own feed, should you have one

Unified vision

View your aggregated performance data on a single screen

  • Monitor the main indicators with a global vision
  • All your campaigns’ data in an executive dashboard
  • Compare reservation attribution models


Analyse the key performance indicators with the Business Intelligence module

  • Examine data from multiple perspectives thanks to the visualisation options
  • Analyse performance in detail with an array of filters
  • Export your results to Excel in table format
  • Combine the filters of your choice, find the improvement points and take action


Manage your bids on Trivago and TripAdvisor easily and optimise your campaigns centrally

  • Control your budgets automatically
  • Manage your bids individually or by groups
  • Group hotel analysis based on different criteria with advanced filters
  • Refine your campaigns with the special Business Intelligence module with all the information per channel
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Make better decisions by choosing between two attribution models

  • Easily change the attribution view from “last meta click” to “assisted attribution”
  • Analyse the participation of metasearch engines in the booking process: who closes the conversions (last click) and who collaborates in the conversion (assisted)


Identify bookings generated by metasearch engines accurately

  • Easily view the reservations that have been generated from the different metasearch engines
  • Easily reconcile reservations in the Commission per Stay models
  • Check whenever you want all the information available in the complete and exportable reports of each metasearch engine (Google, Trivago and TripAdvisor)

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