Web design for hotels: done by people for people


Conceived for the end-user


Reflecting your personality online just like you would in your own hotel.

Multi device

Desktop, on mobiles or on tablets. Nowadays it is important to be available on all of them.


It’s not just a pretty website that you need. Making the navigating experience easy is also important.


Every hotel can have different kinds of guests. We can translate your page to the language you need.

in progress

Focused on conversion

Content manager

Add offers, occupations and prices that will be displayed on your website instantly.


With advantages for you

Customer extranet

Manage the full configuration that the search engine will show from here.

Support Service

Devoted to possible improvements that might emerge.

In constant development

We listen to your suggestions and improve. Our multidisciplinary team takes care of it.

Tailored to your needs

“Each hotel is different. We think each website should also have its own identity”

Dynamic room section

Any change you make to the information about your rooms such as pictures, descriptions or services will automatically be reflected on your website.

Our “Rooms” section is conceived to show all relevant information for every room, occupation, bed typology, square metres, room equipment and it even shows the offers associated to that particular room so that you can reserve it directly.

  • Content updated instantly
  • Price “from” per night
  • Remaining rooms
  • Last reservation done

Dynamic offer section

Our powerful system allows the generation of multiple different offers. All of them as well as “dynamic rooms” will be shown on your website the moment you create it in our customer extranet. You won’t have to worry any more about uploading pictures or manually uploading your offer on your website.

Each offer will appear in the general page of offers, featured in the homepage and each one will have its own localised URL in international format so that you can share it as well on social networks or use it in email marketing as target landing page.

  • Content updated instantly
  • Far-reaching
  • Extras linked to offer at all times
  • Individual URL for marketing actions

success stories

Playa Senator

Playa Senator

This was a big challenge, as the main objective was to transfer the hotel’s brand image to a functional website, making it suitable for all devices and personalising it with a focus on constant special offers. We had to organise information, provide a corporate design and tune the end-user experience.

Visit Playa Senator
Gloria Hoteles

Gloria Hoteles

This hotel chain had a specific target which required us to configure several prototypes of structure and a complex information architecture. The website needed to transmit a nice and relaxing atmosphere, so we used colour coding that covered this need as well as high quality photographs.

Visit Gloria Hoteles
Valentin Hoteles

Valentín Hoteles

The challenge in this case was to tow the line set by the corporate image, maintaining the elegance that this hotel chain inspires. We had to take into account a wide diversity of destinations and activities, which in turn forced us to create a new concept that is easy to use and improves conversion.

Visit Valentín Hoteles
Port Adriano

Gran Hotel Miramar

This 5-star hotel full of history returns to become a luxury reference in Málaga, a premise that we wanted to reinforce through bright colours and texts that bring this idea of exclusivity closer to customers.

Visit Gran Hotel Miramar
HCC Hotels

HCC Hotels

The requirement in this case was to move a big amount of well-positioned content, SEO-wise, to a new website. For this, we had to think about how to organise information and reinforce the visual layer. The result was a website easy to navigate on any device.

Visit HCC Hotels
Hotel Bécquer

Hotel Bécquer

The website had to visually transmit the same values that the brand represents: tradition, closeness, commitment and trendiness. We performed an architectural revision of the information layout so that end users could access content that would allow them to experience the city of Seville.

Visit Hotel Bécquer